Equine Headshaking Syndrome

January will be the beginning of my 4th research module at the University of Edinburgh. This entire adventure into academia has been, and continues to be, eye opening and thought provoking as evidence based research confirms ideal practices in Equine Management. 
My first module was on Equine Welfare and Behavior.  Meeting up with others around the world and discussing the plight of horses in today's modern world was a humbling experience. Delving into the natural and ethological behaviors of equids left me amazed that this creature actually survives the constraints we, as humans, sometimes put on them. I highly recommend this coursework, or similar studies, to any and all horse enthusiasts. 
My first evaluated assessment was to compose a summary of current Equine Headshaking Syndrome research. I have shared this research with others that have horses experiencing similar symptoms, especially during the spring and summer seasons, with positive feedback. Always discuss any peculiar symptoms with your equine veterinarian. At any rate my hopes are, that after reading this synopsis, you will be more informed about this puzzling malady.



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