​​Saddle Fitting Services for all Stubben Saddles, Custom Designed and Standard.
Before your saddle fitting, please have the following items readily available: 

Leathers and irons 
Girth appropriate to the saddle you anticipate purchasing (dressage, all purpose, etc.) If you are unsure, ask me. Billet lengths can vary between saddle makers, so it never hurts to have a variety of lengths on hand if possible. 
Any other items of apparel you would normally ride/show in, e.g. gloves, boots, etc. 
If weather is inclement, have some alternative locations for riding if your arena or other area may not be available. An area suitable for basic walk, trot and canter is usually sufficient. 

There is a fitting fee due at the time of the actual fitting. If a Custom Stubben is ordered through me, the fitting fee is negotiable.

When possible, we will be fitting the saddles to your horse without using a pad, so it will be to your horse's benefit to have him "mud free" to spare him any discomfort from the girth and saddle.

Due to the many possible combinations of tree styles, sizes and options, you may not necessarily test ride a model with the exact specifications that will ultimately be ordered--if you did, it wouldn't be Custom!

For test ride purposes, it is possible that saddle padding will be necessary to establish the right balance for the rider during the test ride. It is the ultimate goal however, that your custom saddle will require no padding, unless you choose to use one for cosmetic purposes, make saddle cleaning easier, or temporarily use the saddle on another horse.

You will be doing some riding, so take precautions (turn out, lunging) ahead of time to ensure your horse will be calm and relaxed during the fitting process. I will work the appointment around feeding and turnout times.

I look forward to working with you to obtain the best possible saddle fit for your horse and you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Should you need to reschedule or cancel for any reason, please contact me, Nancy McLean, by phone at


Listed: 12/02/2012

Saddle Fitting Services